Policy Lab

The WEGo Policy Lab is a platform which aims to achieve intergovernmental policy sharing by bringing together officials from Governments with an interest in embedding economic wellbeing outcomes into their respective approaches.

In addition, the Policy Lab’s role is to identify emerging issues of relevance and importance to member states and stimulate discussion on shared issues. In line with SDG 17; the Policy Lab seeks to foster partnership to deliver sustainable development.

The WEGo Policy Lab will operate by building a network of policy practitioners, matching priorities of member countries with past practices and experiences. It will enable informal policy consultation by pulling together know-how and expertise from officials who work on similar projects and draw on the expertise of academics, researchers and practitioners where appropriate. Participation on the Policy Lab is an integral part of WEGo group membership.

The Lab sessions will begin in 2019 and will be carried out in the form of conference calls and meetings with a focus on knowledge sharing regarding pre-agreed policy case studies on topics of mutual interest. The first case study which has been identified by the interested parties is Sustainable Tourism. The aim of the first session is to share respective approaches to developing sustainable tourism strategies and to identify specific areas of practical policy advice.

The sessions will be led by the WEGo Secretariat. The Secretariat provides support for the development of the Policy Lab and is responsible for coordinating the logistics of the involvement of external experts such as academics, policy makers and practitioners.

WEGo also aims to hold an annual meeting where practitioners can meet in person and discuss progress.